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Buy room fragrances – a fresh & pleasant fragrance at home and in the car

Pleasant, fresh and clean room fragrances contribute to making us feel more comfortable . Whether in the hotel room, in the wellness area, in your own four walls or even in the car: you just want it to “smell good”.

So you can enjoy room fragrances at home or in the car

You have many options for a good and pleasant scent in your four walls or in the car. In the meantime, in addition to the classic scented candle, you will also find electric diffusers that distribute the scents using steam.

Diffuser – “nebulize” room fragrances

With a diffuser or “aroma nebulizer” you can with steam and essential oils fragrances throughout your home distribute easily and evenly . The device is plugged in and a mist is generated by ultrasonic vibrations. An integrated fan in the diffuser distributes the mist and thus also the fragrance in your apartment or in the respective room.

Fragrance lamp

The fragrance lamp works similarly to the electric diffuser, only without electricity . Here the essential oils are dripped into a bowl of water. Underneath will a candle as a heat source set on fire . The heat causes the oil to rise with the water vapor and spreads out in space.

Room spray

With a Room spray you can simply distribute a finished fragrance mixture around the room. You can use room sprays for a wide variety of purposes: There are sprays specially with suitable scents for the bathroom and sprays for a pleasant scent in your living room.

Fragrance stone – room fragrances for bedside tables & desks

In contrast to diffusers, fragrance lamps and room sprays, the fragrance stone is used only applied “over a small area” . A fragrance stone is usually a figure, stone etc. made of clay on top of it essential oils to be dripped can. The scent does not spread throughout the room and is ideal for your bedside table or desk at home or in the office.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are the most popular used in the bathroom or loo . Essential oils and alcohol are mixed in a small container. Thin wooden sticks (made from bamboo, for example) are placed in the vessel. The Scented oils break away from the alcohol and become Released into the room air via the wooden sticks .

Scented candle

The “classic” among the room fragrances and Fulfills in your home right away two purposes :

  • First, the candle distributes you pleasant scent
  • Second, the flickering candlelight creates one pleasant atmosphere .

Incense sticks

In many Asian countries, incense sticks are mainly used used for room air purification . We also like to use chopsticks in the western world. But many just love the “smoky” smell . Incense sticks are usually made from a paste of fragrances, water and wood powder. When you light it up, the mixture “burns” and the smoke and fragrance spread throughout the apartment.

Car scent – Freshness for on the go

Whether on your way to work or on vacation, you also want your car to have a pleasant smell. you you can use the classic scented trees made of felt-like cardboard use. But now there are also scented trees made of pure wood . You simply hang the fragrance helpers on the rear-view mirror and they distribute their fragrance.

Use room fragrances: For well-being, clean air, body and mind

Room fragrances can influence our mood. That also shows a study Brown University. In addition, you can cover up bad smells and even clean the room air.

Room fragrances for more well-being

With selected room fragrances, you can increase the feel-good factor in your own four walls. Maybe you love to create the right mood with cinnamon and tangerine during the Christmas season. Or a pleasant aroma of stone pine reminds you of the relaxing wellness holiday in the stone pine room.

Room fragrances for a fresh and clean fragrance

On the one hand, our home should not only be clean but also smell good on the other. If you have a dog, room scents at home or with a car scent can mask the typical “wet dog smell”. In the bathroom or in the toilet we can reduce the stench after our “business” with room fragrances.

Room fragrances for your mind and body

Fragrances can have a positive effect on our mood and health. These include, for example, essential oils. A fresh citrus scent on your desk will help you concentrate. Other oils, on the other hand, have a germ-inhibiting effect. Using a diffuser or an aroma lamp, they are distributed throughout the apartment and, so to speak, “clean” the air in the room.