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Buy car fragrances: sprays, fragrance trees & Co.

When you buy car fragrances, you give your car a pleasant, fresh and clean scent. After all, you want yourself in your car the same way feel good like in your own home. Car fragrances help them bad smells get rid of and can even help you concentrate on long car journeys .

The choice of fragrances is almost limitless. You can choose between the typical car scents “green apple” or “vanilla”. You can even add a new car scent to your car (no matter how old it is). In the meantime you can even use the classic “ Pine scent “in your car.

When you have found your favorite scent, you can think about how you would like to diffuse the scent in your car.

This is how you can apply car fragrances in your car

Depending on your preference, you can smell your car differently. How you decide depends on whether you don’t mind, for example, that something is dangling from the rearview mirror or that there is a diffuser in the cigarette lighter.

Car scents as a scent tree or scent pendant

The scent tree is probably that Classic among car fragrances .

  • Conventional scented trees made of felt-like cardboard can be bought in different colors and fragrances
  • The sapling just hang it on your rearview mirror
  • and you continuously give off their scent .

If you are to the classic fragrance tree Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative , We recommend you Wooden fragrance pendants or with integrated fleece . You often have to throw away the classic scented trees after a few weeks. The fragrance pendants made of wood or with fleece you can use it again and again . If these have lost their scent effect, you can simply with essential oils re-dose or re-spray with a spray.

Car fragrances with essential oils for the air vents

If you don’t want something dangling from the rearview mirror while driving, choose Car scents that you can attach to the air vents . The way in which scenting works, however, is the same: the scent (the essential oil) is either dripped onto a piece of fleece or into a liquid container with water. You then attach this to the ventilation slots. The Fragrance is evenly distributed in the car and the Ventilation enhances this effect .

Electric car fragrances

If you are a fan of electric diffusers, you can also buy the right version for your car. With water and essential oils, the scent is evenly distributed. The Car diffuser even k You can plug in via USB, USB-C or the cigarette lighter .

Car fragrance spray

Fragrance sprays are not only available for your living room or bathroom. When you’re in your car no scent tree hanging or an air freshener want to attach to the ventilation slots, is the Car fragrance spray a good alternative . You can use the car fragrance spray conveniently stowed in the glove compartment and spray the scent in the car if necessary.

How can you support car fragrances?

Get rid of bad smells from car

Car scents in the form of scented trees, scent sprays and the like help you get rid of bad smells from the car. Perhaps you eat yours quickly more often Lunch from the kebab stand next door in the car. Or you have a dog who drives regularly. Unfortunately, these smells “stick” in the car. With car scents, you can remove those smells better again neutralize .

Increase your comfort factor while driving

Even if you don’t have bad smells in your car: We humans just love it when rooms (and our cars) smell good. That also shows a study Brown University. Good smells have been shown to increase our well-being . You use the car every day, for shopping, on the way to work – why should you only pamper yourself with good smells in the living room?

They increase concentration and serenity

In fact, car scents can help us to be more focused and relaxed while driving. The reason for this are the essential oils contained in the car fragrances. Selected essential oils can have a positive effect on our psyche . If you have a long drive ahead of you, for example on your way on vacation, you can benefit from the positive effects of essential oils. The can be very helpful when there is a lot of traffic and traffic jams .

How long does a car fragrance last on average?

How long the scent lasts in your car is of course different from car scent to car scent.

  • A Scent tree usually holds up to six weeks . Please pay attention to the correct application: You buy a scented tree packed in plastic. If you were to simply tear the pack off completely, the scent would spread with unpleasant intensity. In the case of the scented tree, you only open the pack approx. 1 cm so that the top of the tree is just sticking out. Every week you pull the tree a little further out. This allows you to distribute the scent evenly and in a pleasant dose in the car.
  • A scented pendant that you spray yourself keeps the scent effect three to five days . After this period, you can add more fragrance to the trailer.
  • At a Car fragrance for air vents usually holds 30 to 40 days before you have to replace it.
  • At a electrical Car diffuser it depends on the filling quantity. One fill can be your car on average 30 to 60 days before you have to refill it.