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Buy stone pine products online – natural stone pine products from Austria

Would you like to buy stone pine products online? Is good quality important to you? At Windeko you will find selected products made of stone pine and with Pine scent .

Next Personal care products how Stone pine shower gel and Stone pine bath salt can be found with us Stone pine oil , Pine spray or Swiss pine car scent .

These products are mainly made in Austria. Stone pines from the Austrian Alps are mainly used for this. Swiss stone pines (also called Swiss stone pines or Swiss stone pines) grow here at high altitudes just below the tree line. They are more than 500 years old and up to 35 meters high.

The needles, the cones and the stone pine become valuable, essential ingredients Stone pine oil won. The stone pine oil is the basis for other stone pine products, such as fragrance sprays or Bath salts .

Buy stone pine products for your home, office or car online

Take the scent of the stone pine with you on your trip

As an Alpine resident or enthusiastic Alpine holidaymaker, you probably know the smell of a stone pine room or a stone pine bed.

thanks to the Swiss stone pine car scents you can take the stone pine scent with you on every long and short journey – and with it memories of relaxing hikes and cozy get-togethers in the Austrian Alps.

Freshen the air in your rooms with stone pine products

Would you like to bring the scent of the stone pine into your home or office? Do you want your own four walls to smell like a pine forest?

The stone pine products from the Windeko webshop make it possible. By Pine spray distribute the scent in the room. You can also spray the spray on a scented pillow or on curtains.

Other options for scenting your rooms are fragrance lamps, fragrance stones or nebulizers, or diffusers with essential ingredients Stone pine oil .

Relax in a bath scented with pine

In a bath scented with stone pine you can forget everyday life for a short time and relax your body and mind.

Give a spoon Stone pine bath salt into the pleasantly warm water and enjoy the scent of the stone pine and the peeling effect of the sea salt.

You can also use your skin in a shower Stone pine shower gel or pamper dry and irritated skin with refreshing Propolis ointment care for.

The ingredients of the stone pine have positive properties for body and mind

  • Pinosylvin : This enzyme is said to have an antibacterial and relaxing effect. It should also influence the mood.
  • Pinene : Can help you with muscle tension and pain by helping the body to produce pain relievers and anti-inflammatory substances.
  • Bornyl acetate: A fragrance that gives the oil its needle scent
  • Limes : Also a fragrance that is supposed to keep insects away
  • Cineole : This substance is often praised for its anti-inflammatory effects and is also said to have a positive effect on the immune system

Stone pine products can improve your sleep

According to study The aroma of the pine should help you sleep deeper and better and wake up more relaxed in the morning. The scent of the stone pine should also be a good support when falling asleep.

Stone pine products can help you breathe more freely

How about a cold bath with fragrant Stone pine bath salt ? The aroma of pine is said to have a positive effect on breathing and clear the airways.

The stone pine is supposed to lighten your mood

Stone pine oil can have a positive effect on your mood. If you ever have a bad day, you can try it out right away: just take a “stone pine bath” or Pine scent spray in the room!

Let bacteria declare war

According to an investigation by the University of Salzburg the stone pine is said to have anti-bacterial properties.

The scent of pine can relax muscles and mind

The scent is said to slow the heartbeat and so calm the body and mind. Stone pine products can help you switch off and relax after a busy day. Tired legs and arms can also benefit from it.