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Buy a stone pine fragrance for a natural fragrance in your four walls

With the scent of stone pine you can banish bad smells from your four walls and instead pamper your nose with the resinous scent of stone pine.

Pine scent is made from the needles, cones and the wood of the stone pine (also Swiss stone pine or Swiss stone pine). The stone pine is native to the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains. She feels most comfortable at lofty heights just below the tree line.

Characterized by the scent of pine Pine sprays , Stone pine oil or Pine wood you can bring not only the scent of the stone pine, but also the associated emotions and memories into your four walls.

Buy a stone pine fragrance for your car

A spilled soft drink, a long drive with several people, forgotten shoes in the trunk or damp clothes on a rainy day: over time, bad smells develop in the car.

Pine scent is a natural alternative to chemical fragrances, which only cover the smell for a short time. With us you will therefore find everything you need for your Swiss pine car scent need from Pine wood for the car to the right one Pine spray .

Benefit from the positive properties of the stone pine

The scent of pine can improve your sleep

The aroma of pine is said to help you sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed in the morning. Falling asleep should also go faster with the scent of pine in the nose.

Take a deep breath – the scent of pine can affect breathing

It is said that the scent of stone pine can have a positive effect on breathing as the substances it contains clear the airways. So how about a cold bath with fragrant Stone pine bath salt ?

The stone pine is supposed to lighten your mood

Studies on stone pine suggest that the scent of stone pine should have a positive effect on mood. Just give it a try: give two drops Stone pine oil in your fragrance lamp the next time you, your partner or your children come home in a bad mood!

Let bacteria declare war

The stone pine is said to have antibacterial properties. (There is also an investigation of the University of Salzburg ). This effect is applied to the in Stone pine products contained ingredient pinosylvin.

Bacteria can accumulate over time, especially in the car, and find the best conditions here to multiply, especially in the warm months. Therefore you can in our shop Buy Swiss stone pine car fragrance .

Relax your muscles and mind with the scent of pine

A pine-scented bath or a scented room can help you switch off and relax after a busy day. Tired legs and arms can also benefit from it.

The scent is said to slow the heartbeat and so calm the body and mind.

Spraying the aroma of pine: this is how it works!

In your home or office :

  • Fragrance lamp or diffuser with Stone pine oil : Fill the fragrance lamp or the nebulizer with water and add one to three drops of stone pine oil. We recommend starting with a few drops and increasing the number of drops if necessary.
  • Pine spray : Spray stone pine spray in the room, on a scented pillow or on curtains
  • Fragrance stones, fragrance blocks & Co with stone pine oil or stone pine spray : Put one or two drops of stone pine oil on a fragrance stone or block of (stone pine) wood or spray it with stone pine spray.

In the car :

Spray something Pine spray in the car. So that the scent lasts longer, you can spray pine wood with it and hang it on the rear-view mirror.

In the bathtub :

The pleasant aroma of pine can also spread through your bathing water. For example, a “stone pine bath” is suitable Stone pine bath salt . You can increase the effect of the stone pine even more by adding a Stone pine shower gel use.

Pine scent from Austria

The Stone pine products in our webshop are primarily manufactured in Austria. A large part of the stone pine used for this comes from the local Alps. The stone pines here are up to 500 years old and up to 35 meters high.

The typical aroma of stone pine is obtained from the needles, the cones and the stone pine wood. As an Alpine resident or enthusiastic Alpine holidaymaker, you probably know the smell of a stone pine room or a stone pine bed.

thanks Windeko you can take the stone pine scent with you on every long and short drive, to the office or to your home – and with it memories of relaxing hikes and cozy get-togethers in the Austrian Alps.