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Stone pine oil – buy stone pine essential oil

Stone pine essential oil has been valued for its fragrance for centuries. The oil is also known as stone pine oil or Swiss stone pine oil and is mainly used to scent rooms.

A few drops of oil are enough to bring the aromatic, spicy scent of the stone pine forest into your home for a few hours.

The oil is obtained from stone pine, pine cones and pine needles by steam distillation. This process is extremely gentle on your stone pine oil Windeko webshop makes it particularly valuable.

The end product of the distillation is highly concentrated essential oil, which contains many valuable active ingredients of the stone pine.

Stone pine oil for aromatherapy, as a natural remedy and for moth and insect repellent

Zirbenköl comes in the Aromatherapy , as Natural remedies and as Moth and insect repellent for use.

  • Sleep better & to breathe: According to Study by the Joanneum Research Institute The scent of the stone pine can improve sleep and shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. In addition, the scent should have a positive effect on breathing.
  • Stone pine for the mood : The aforementioned study also showed that it can lighten the mood.
  • Antibacterial properties : One Investigation of the University of Salzburg showed that stone pine has antibacterial properties. You can also benefit from these properties by using stone pine oil, Pine spray or Stone pine bath salt benefit.
  • Relaxation for muscles and mind: Many of our customers buy stone pine oil to relax the muscles after long hikes or for postural tension. Mental relaxation should also be promoted by stone pine oil.

Pine scent: These active ingredients have a positive effect on the body and mind

  • Bornyl acetate: A fragrance that gives the oil its needle scent
  • Limes : Also a fragrance that is supposed to keep insects away
  • Cineole : This substance is often praised for its anti-inflammatory effects and is also said to have a positive effect on the immune system
  • Pinosylvin : An enzyme that is said to have an antibacterial and relaxing effect. Pinosylvin also influences mood.
  • Pinene : Can help you with muscle tension and pain by helping the body to produce pain relievers and anti-inflammatory substances.

Pine essential oil – how to use it

Scent the room with an aroma lamp or nebuliser

You can use an aroma lamp or a nebuliser (also known as a diffuser) to distribute the stone pine scent into the air in the room.

You fill the fragrance lamp or the nebuliser with water and add – depending on the size of the room – one to three drops of stone pine oil. We recommend starting with a few drops and increasing the number of drops if necessary.

As a body or massage oil

A massage with stone pine oil is said to promote blood circulation and thereby alleviate pain.

Essential oils should never be applied to the skin as they are. For a soothing stone pine oil massage, it is best to mix the stone pine oil with a fatty oil such as almond, jojoba or olive oil.

We recommend using two drops of stone pine oil per 100 ml of fatty oil.

Bathing with stone pine oil

In a bath, the oil can take full effect, brightening your mood and strengthening your immune system. In addition, a stone pine bath should also have skin-clarifying properties.

For a “stone pine bath” fill your tub with bath water at a pleasant temperature and add three to five drops of stone pine oil.

We recommend the combination of stone pine oil and bath salt, as we do in ours Stone pine bath salt to offer.

Keep moths away with fragrance stones or sachets and essential stone pine oil

If you want to use the stone pine oil to keep moths away from your clothing, you can sprinkle a few drops of stone pine oil on fragrance stones or sachets.

Now put them in your closet. Once the scent has evaporated, repeat the process.

100% natural oil from Austria

In the Windeko webshop you can buy essential stone pine oil, which comes 100% from nature. Our stone pine oil comes primarily from stone pine from the Austrian Alps and is distilled and bottled by Austrian companies.