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Buy pine spray – for a fresh scent in your home, car and office

With a stone pine spray you spread a refreshing stone pine scent in your four walls. The stone pine spray contains natural, essential ingredients Stone pine oil .

The highly concentrated Stone pine oil is obtained by distillation from stone pine wood, stone pine needles and stone pine cones. The addition of water and alcohol dilutes the essential oil. In contrast to the essential oil, you can spray the stone pine spray without adding fatty oils or water.

Enjoy the scent of the stone pine

The stone pine spray bathes your rooms in a pleasant stone pine scent. The resinous scent is reminiscent of alpine forests and is found by many people to be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Pine spray doesn’t just bring back memories of a holiday in the Alps, a walk in the woods or a lively day in nature. According to Studies by Joanneum Research the stone pine should also have a positive effect on health. Among other things, according to this study, the stone pine fragrance should:

  • Influence the heart, blood pressure and circulation: According to the study, the heart gets by with fewer heartbeats per day thanks to the influence of the aroma of pine. It “saves” a lot of work. In addition, the blood pressure should also be positively influenced by the stone pine scent.
  • Liberate the airways a little: The airways should also benefit from the properties of the stone pine, for example by relieving them from colds.
  • Improve sleep: According to this study, the scent of stone pine can also improve sleep, shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase the quality of sleep.
  • Strengthen the well-being: The general well-being should be increased by the scent of the stone pine.
  • Relieve nervousness: The scent of pine, for example sprayed with a room spray, can relax body and mind. Thus, the scent should also help to relieve nervousness.
  • have an antibacterial effect: Stone pine products is said to have antibacterial properties.

Possible areas of application for your stone pine spray

Pine spray as a fragrance for your car

The Windeko stone pine sprays “ Swiss pine car scent “are the ideal fragrance sprays for the car. You can simply spray the spray in the car or put it on a pine scented wood. You can hang the pine scented wood on your rear-view mirror, for example.

In contrast to classic scented trees, the stone pine scent is very natural. You can brush it up whenever you feel like it. Handy stone pine spray bottles with around 20 to 30 ml and our stone pine spray sets (with pine fragrance wood + stone pine spray) are popular for the car.

Pine spray as a room fragrance

Pine spray is wonderfully suitable as a room fragrance for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. In the office, too, you can use the stone pine spray to provide pleasantly fragrant air.

So that the scent lasts a little longer, you can spray it on, for example, scented pillows or curtains. Large and small pine spray bottles are suitable as a room spray. Our 100 ml stone pine sprays are particularly popular.

Other possible uses for stone pine spray

Since stone pine spray can neutralize odors, you can use it anytime and anywhere where the air can benefit from the pleasant forest scent.

To name a few examples from everyday life:

  • “Hide” the shoe odor and let shoes smell like you came from a walk in the woods
  • Cover up the smell of cigarettes on clothes with the natural scent of pine
  • Swap the smell of food in the kitchen, dining room or office for a scent of pine forest

At Windeko you can buy stone pine spray as a set

In our Windeko webshop you will find stone pine sprays in different sizes. We also offer you great sets that you can spray yourself or give away.

You can buy stone pine spray in a set with stone pine fragrance wood, a combination of Room spray and Swiss pine car scent , or from pine spray and Stone pine oil .