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Swiss pine car scent

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Buy Swiss stone pine car scent & neutralize car air in a natural way

Pine scent for your car is a natural and environmentally friendly variant of scented trees and other chemical scents. With pine wood or the scent of pine, smells can not only be masked, but even neutralized.

This allows you to get rid of unpleasant car odors for longer and against a pleasant one Pine scent exchange.

Zirben car scent can give you a relaxing drive

Thanks to the stone pine car scent, your car always smells of refreshing stone pine forest. A scent that is loud Studies by Joanneum Research, calms and lowers nervousness.

Regardless of whether you are on your way on vacation, crawling through the city in the morning or evening traffic, or picking up a bunch of children from the sports field: there is a relaxed atmosphere in your car.

Getting rid of bad smells in the car: this is how it works!

Sports gear, shoes, spilled drinks or leftover food: There are many things that can cause bad smells in a car.

You should do some preparatory work so that your Swiss stone pine car scent can provide a remedy even with a strong “stink”:

  • Thoroughly clean your car once
  • Open all doors and let the car ventilate thoroughly (preferably not directly under the summer sun, but with a light spring or autumn breeze)
  • Now put your stone pine scent, for example in the form of stone pine wood or stone pine chips, into the car. Enhance the scent with essential ingredients if necessary Stone pine oil or one Pine spray .

Sustainable car fragrance from nature – for nature

“Disposable fragrances”, often made chemically or from synthetic materials, often end up in the garbage can after a few days. Rubbish collects next to the road or next to garbage cans and service buildings, especially along motorways and rest stops. ASFINAG, which is responsible for motorways and expressways in Austria, is doing this all in one Report on garbage disposal on motorways and rest stops attentive.

In the Windeko Shop you can buy more sustainable alternatives: Stone pine wood or stone pine shavings come from nature and do not contain any plastic or other harmful substances. They also have a long shelf life. As soon as they lose their scent, you can easily freshen them up:

  • With Pine spray (bottled in environmentally friendly glass, long-lasting): Simply spray once or twice on the stone pine wood or stone pine shavings
  • by Stone pine oil : Put one to two drops of highly concentrated stone pine oil on the chips or stone pine wood
  • other essential oils to your taste: One to two drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Stone pine scent from the Alps to take away

Our Stone pine products are mainly made in Austria. Stone pines from the Alps are mainly used for this. Stone pines (also called Swiss stone pines or Swiss stone pines) grow in the Alps at an altitude of around 1,500 to 2,700 m. They are more than 500 years old and up to 35 meters high.

The typical aroma of stone pine is obtained from the needles, the cones and the stone pine wood. As an Alpine resident or enthusiastic Alpine holidaymaker, you probably know the smell of a stone pine room or a stone pine bed.

thanks to the Windeko You can take the stone pine scent with you on every long and short journey – and with it memories of relaxing hikes and cozy get-togethers in the Austrian Alps.

Swiss stone pine car fragrance: You could benefit from these properties

Can lighten your mood

Still have a long journey ahead of you? Or just not the best day? Allegedly, the scent of pine is supposed to lighten the mood. Just try it out!

Is supposed to reduce bacteria

The stone pine is said to have antibacterial properties. (There is also an investigation of the University of Salzburg )

Bacteria can accumulate over time, especially in the car, and find the best conditions here to multiply, especially in the warm months.

Can calm aggressive and nervous drivers

Are you or your partner quickly “to 180” when driving a car? Try the scent of stone pine: The scent is said to slow down the heartbeat and thereby calm and relax body and mind.