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Cookbook eBook

Cookbook eBook

Do you like to cook for life and are you always looking for new tricks to give your dishes a special touch? Or are you still a newbie and would like to start cooking rather simple recipes with just a few ingredients?

In both cases, one of our eBook cookbooks is suitable for you. Although the majority of our recipes are rather easy to follow, there are also tips that are new to many kitchen professionals.

These tips give your dishes a whole new touch and often inspire our readers to experiment for themselves.

What is a Cookbook eBook?

In contrast to a “normal” cookbook, a cookbook eBook is not printed out and bound, but sold as a digital file.

This file is provided for download and can be easily downloaded. Of course, you can also print out the purchased eBook yourself.

Because there are no printing costs for an electronic cookbook, it is usually cheaper than a printed cookbook from a bookstore.

Faster, better & healthier: We cover these “cooking disciplines” with our cookery eBooks

Can: Our bestselling author Sophie Petershofer has specialized in the form of preservation that has been “rediscovered” by many people in recent years. Canning (also called preserving) has a long tradition in your family and is suitable for both vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, mushrooms, etc.) and fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, etc.).

Cook: From classic dishes such as roast pork or grilled chicken to varied vegan dishes, you will find a variety of cooking ideas. You will also find the right recipe for people with certain intolerances (e.g. lactose or fructose intolerance).

To bake: In addition to traditional cake recipes that never go out of style, more unusual instructions for bread and pastries are also becoming increasingly popular. Our goal is to use our cookbooks to easily explain all of these baking recipes.

Your advantages with our cookbook eBooks

Perfect for computer, tablet and mobile phone

You can view our cookbooks on any modern device. The only requirement is a free program that allows you to open PDF files.

If you want to cook a certain recipe, you no longer have to laboriously write the ingredients by hand on a shopping list. You simply open the eBook on your mobile phone in the supermarket and you can look up all the ingredients right away.

More extensive notes than with a “normal” cookbook are possible

How much meat do you need for half a serving? Does the mashed potatoes taste even better with a pinch of nutmeg?

You can write down these tricks and tips in an eBook even more easily and in more detail. An additional advantage: if you send your commented recipe to a friend, nobody can complain about your illegible handwriting; D.

No waiting time & always available

Our cookbook eBooks can be downloaded around the clock (even on Sundays and public holidays) immediately after purchase.

Refined recipes for beginners and professionals

Our goal is to make our recipes accessible to chefs with different skills and experience. That is why many of our recipes can also be implemented by absolute novices.

Nevertheless, almost all recipes come with tricks or professional tips that will take even experienced chefs to the next level.

High quality at an affordable price

Since our cookbooks do not have to be printed and bound, we can offer them to you at the best prices. Compared to similar glossy cookbooks from bookstores, our cookbooks are more than 50% cheaper on average.

Suitable accessories for our cookbook eBooks

Our preserving and storage jars are ideal for storing: If you want to boil down vegetables or prepare applesauce, we recommend ours Mason jars . If you want to store pasta or other food hygienically and protect it from moisture, we recommend ours Storage jars .

Simply dismantle and portion with our poultry shears: With duck, chicken or goose, your holiday meal can quickly turn into an unsavory fiasco without the right tools. With our professional poultry shears you can easily cut even the largest bird.

Dosing spices perfectly with our salt and pepper mills: Avoid over-salty soup or overly seasoned meat? Thanks to our Salt and pepper shakers This is exactly what is possible with the adjustable ceramic grinder.