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Buy essential oils – your natural supporters for health and wellbeing

Essential oils are volatile and easily evaporating extracts from plants. Plants use these “own fragrances” to protect themselves from diseases, like bacteria or fungi, to protect . They also help them attract important insects and keep pests away. The oils can be found in resins, bark, flowers, leaves, seeds, fruit peels or in the roots of the plant.

Although essential oils have the word “oil” in their name, they cannot be equated with fatty oils (such as olive oil, pumpkin seed oil or almond oil). Because they do not leave an “oil film” but evaporate without leaving any residue.

We humans can also benefit from the positive properties of essential oils. Thanks to various manufacturing processes (steam distillation, co-distillation, cold pressing or extraction) we can extract the oils from the plant tissue. Even naturopaths use the oils in the “ Aromatherapy “, this is a form of herbal medicine. This allows them to support the treatment of their patients (as well as Studies demonstrate).

A total of there are about 120 essential oils . That means, depending on the application or purpose, you can use a different oil:

  • You can use the positive properties for your body and mind use.
  • In the cosmetics industry come as a fragrance for use.
  • When cooking and baking, they serve as natural spices

Essential oils for your body and mind

The essential oils enter your bloodstream through your skin or when you inhale. As soon as they are in your body, your positive qualities unfold.

How you can support your body:

  • During the cold season, you can use the oils if your nose is blocked or runny.
  • On working days with a “heavy head” you can relax and cool down.
  • If you have menstrual cramps, they can help relieve cramps.

Here’s how you can support your mind:

  • It is easier for you to rest in the evening and sleep better.
  • On bad days, you can improve your mood and have a relaxing effect.
  • They support you if you are nervous before an exam or operation.
  • The oils can support your concentration while studying.

Essential oils for cosmetic products

Women love cosmetic products that smell good. That means soaps Shower gels , Shampoo, lip balm or perfumes just have to smell good. Thanks to the oils you can You do not use cosmetic products with artificial fragrances. This is why essential oils are a good “fragrance alternative” for Cosmetics and care products .

But the natural oils are not only used as an alternative to fragrances in the cosmetics industry. In fact, you can even use essential oils support with skin blemishes. Why, because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential oils for cooking and baking:

You can also use the oils in cooking and baking. As a spice oil you can with them Refine salad dressings or dishes .

Vanilla essential oil is also perfect for baking. The reason it gives your cake batter a seductive taste .

Here’s how you can apply essential oils

The oils can be used in different ways so that the oils enter your bloodstream through your breathing or your skin.

Essential oils for room scenting:

The Room scenting is the most popular form of application of essential oils because you can share the positive properties with all your family and friends. You can also use the oils to help you fall asleep in your bedroom.

In summary, you can use these options for room scenting, for example:

  • Diffuser
  • Fragrance lamp
  • Room spray
  • Fragrance stone
  • Incense sticks
  • Incense sticks

Essential oils for application to your skin

Most essential oils can be irritating to the skin in their pure state. And that’s why you need to dilute these before applying the oils to your skin. A “carrier oil” is usually used for this. The aromatherapy and cosmetics industries use fatty vegetable oils such as olive oil, almond oil or jojoaba oil. And then you can apply the oils to your skin depending on the purpose.

  • Body oils or massage oils
  • Face oil
  • Body balm
  • Wraps and compresses (The oil is not smeared directly onto the body. First you put it with the carrier oil on a cotton cloth. This cloth is then wrapped or pressed onto the desired skin area.)

Essential oils for (do-it-yourself) cosmetics

Essential oils give your creams, soaps, lip balms etc. a pleasant, fresh or seductive scent. If you would like to manufacture or manufacture cosmetics yourself, essential oils are one of the basic ingredients.

Essential oils for on the go in your handbag or pocket

You can use essential oils at work, on vacation, and even while driving. You don’t have to pack the diffuser right away. You have these alternatives for on the go:

  • Car air freshener
  • Roll-on
  • Smelling pens

But be careful: make sure you use the correct dosage of essential oils

Essential oils are “natural fragrances” from plants, but you still need to be careful with the dosage. The oils in the “bottles” obtained from the plants are high-dose. And you can’t compare that to sniffing a rose in the garden. The smell and the effect on body and mind are very intense. If the dosage is too high, you may even feel dizzy or nauseous.

How many drops you put in the carrier oil or water also depends on the area of application. Are the oils getting on your face? Or on your back? Do you only use a fragrance stone on your office desk or do you have a diffuser for a 100m2 room?

We recommend only using half the dosage for children under 10 years of age. We do not recommend the use of oils for children under 6 years of age.

Dosage of essential oils for adults

When spraying essential oils directly on the body:

For 10ml Vegetable oils, alcohol or a hydrosol

  • 1 drop for child care products and for face care
  • 2 drops for body care products (massage oil, shower gels, etc.)
  • 4 drops at Room sprays

For 30ml Vegetable oils, alcohol or a hydrosol

  • 3 drops for child care products and for face care
  • 6 drops for personal care products
  • 12 drops for room sprays

For 50ml Vegetable oils, alcohol or a hydrosol

  • 5 drops for child care products and for face care
  • 10 drops for personal care products
  • 20 drops for room sprays

For 100ml Vegetable oils, alcohol or a hydrosol

With diffusers, fragrance lamps and co the dosage information is slightly different and depends on various factors. For example the size of your room or the frame of your diffuser.

As a rule, we recommend using a maximum of 3 to 8 drops of essential oil depending on the fragrance device and room size.

But you can find out the right dosage yourself . It is best to start with 3 drops in 100ml of water. Turn off the diffuser once after an hour. If you feel a pleasant scent and don’t have a headache, the dosage is right. And if you smell little of the oil, you can increase the dosage gradually.