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Buy body cream – for daily care, for wellbeing and relaxation.

When you buy a body cream it is definitely not just for body care. You can use a body cream in many ways:

  • For daily skin care
  • With inflammation
  • After the sport
  • To absorb valuable ingredients
  • For sports injuries
  • For pampering

Buy body cream for your daily skin care routine

For you, skin care is part of your daily care routine, like brushing your teeth. Whether face, body or feet with a body cream, your skin remains well-groomed and supple.

You can buy many different products for daily skin care. You will mostly find each own products for skin, lips, elbows and feet . You can but also body creams buy that for the holistic care of your skin and all of the named areas of the body can be used.

Inhibit inflammation with body cream

In fact, there are body creams with special ingredients who have favourited you help with inflammation can. You simply massage the cream onto the affected area. The ingredients of the cream are absorbed through the skin and can help your body to reduce inflammation.

Supports regeneration after exercise

Body creams can reduce blood flow to your skin after physical exertion support . For example if you after a long hiking or cycling tour If you have tired legs, you can use special body creams better relax . In addition, your body is ready for the next hiking tour more quickly.

Beneficial for sports injuries

In case you stumble easily on a hiking tour and in the evening Discomfort in tendons, muscles and joints you can feel this alleviate with the right body cream . However, to be on the safe side, always clarify the symptoms with your doctor.

Increase well-being with a good fragrance

You can buy body creams in a wide variety of scents. With the fragrances you not only wear a pleasant scent. In fact, fragrances can also help increase your well-being. A Body cream with a stone pine fragrance can even be according to one study have a positive effect on your sleep.

When should you use your body cream?

It is best to use your body cream for your daily care routine in the morning and in the evening . Massage the cream, for example after showering, on cleansed skin .

Buy a body cream to match your skin type

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, you should buy body creams that match your skin type.

Usually there are three common skin types:

  • Combination skin: This is the most common skin type. With this skin type, there are areas of skin that are rather large-pored and oily (for example forehead, chin and nose) and at the same time areas of skin that are dry.
  • Mature or dry skin: “Mature skin” only begins in the mid / late 20th century. Your skin gradually loses its elasticity and is more often dry.
  • Blemished or oily skin: This skin type mainly affects young people and people with large pores. This increases the production of sebum. The pores are clogged and the skin looks impure (this is usually shown by pustules).

How do you know which body cream is right for your skin type?

These info can usually be found directly on the packaging . There it is noted whether the cream is suitable for combination skin, mature, dry or oily skin.

To be on the safe side, clarify the right body cream for your skin type with your dermatologist .

What should you look out for when buying your body cream?

Once you have found a body cream suitable for your skin type, we recommend that you also pay attention to the ingredients and origin of the cream.

Pay attention to the ingredients of the body cream

Do you tend to have sensitive skin or are you allergic? Then you should take a close look at the ingredients. You have probably heard many times that silicone, fragrances and the like in body creams cannot be good for your skin.

As a layman, however, you usually don’t have an overview or you don’t want to google every term from the list of ingredients.

Ask your dermatologist to be on the safe side which body creams and which ingredients you can safely use for your skin type.

With the body creams in our shop are mainly natural fragrances in the form of essential oils used. The main ingredients also include shea butter and aloe vera. As a rule, these ingredients are safe for body care, even for sensitive skin.

The body cream should be without animal testing

Unfortunately, many animals are still used as guinea pigs for our personal care products today. Our Zirbenquelle brand body creams are therefore completely free from animal testing .

The body cream should be made by a local supplier

You can recognize a high-quality body cream by the fact that it is made by a company in the region. For example, if you order from Austria, you should order products from Austria.

The Advantages for you :

  • Regional cosmetics suppliers produce yours Body creams also with “ingredients from the region”.
  • These ingredients usually have one high organic content .
  • also support you local companies and employees .