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Marmot ointment is one of the bestselling products in our Windeko shop. Among other things, we offer the popular products from the manufacturer Zirbenquelle.

What is marmot ointment?

Marmot ointment is a popular home remedy, especially in Austria, southern Germany and Switzerland, that has been used for centuries. The ointment is used for problems with the musculoskeletal system (joint pain, tendon pain, muscle pain, etc.) and massaged into the skin.

Who is marmot ointment suitable for?

In principle, marmot ointment is suitable for everyone. But: there marmot ointment natural cortisone and other anti-inflammatory substances you should talk to your doctor before use if you have any intolerance or need to take other medications.

The beneficial effects of marmot ointment are particularly popular in the following sports:

  • To ski
  • Cross-country skiing
  • hike
  • Mountain biking
  • to jog
  • Climb
  • tennis
  • golf

Of course, marmot ointment is also suitable for other athletes and people who feel “signs of wear and tear” even without exercising.

In what situations can I use marmot ointment?

  • After exercise, to loosen up and relax tired muscles
  • For rheumatic complaints
  • For tendon, muscle and joint problems
  • For inflammatory skin diseases
  • For circulatory disorders
  • Overuse of the exercise apparatus

Frequently asked questions about marmot ointment

Can I be allergic to marmot ointment? Yes, you may experience incompatibilities when using marmot ointment. Therefore, you should read the list of ingredients before buying and speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Where is the ointment made? All ointments we offer are made in Austria.

Do I endanger species protection by buying marmot ointment? No, the marmots are hunted as part of population control. The animals are therefore hunted in order to avoid an excessive population and the associated spread of diseases.

The extraction of marmot fat is therefore only a by-product of species control and no animal is hunted for pure fat production.

How does the marmot ointment smell? Contrary to popular belief, not every marmot ointment stinks. Particularly positive are the ones we offer Products from the manufacturer Zirbenquelle , all of which contain stone pine oil. These marmot ointments have a very pleasant smell.

How do I store the ointment? We recommend keeping the ointment in a dry place protected from sunlight.

Can you eat marmot ointment? No, the marmot ointment is intended for use on the skin and should not be eaten.

How do I benefit from purchasing value packs? With our value packs, we can usually offer you attractive discounts of 25% and more.

Are there any other relaxation creams you can recommend? Yes, in addition to our marmot ointment, there are also Propolis ointments very popular as a care hit for the skin.

Can you also recommend shower gels or bath salts for relaxation? Yes, we offer soothing stone pine products in these areas. With our Bath salts you can relax and calm your mind and body in a pleasant bath. Also ours Shower gels relax or help you start the day with energy.