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Canned at home: recipe book for canning & pickling

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  • Page number: 34 pages
  • Language: German
  • Publisher: Windeko
  • Author: Sophie Petershofer
  • Genre: Cooking & canning
  • Content: 25 recipes incl. Tips
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You can find them in our digital recipe book 25 recipes for pickling and canning. The recipe author Sophie Petershofer from Upper Austria looked over her grandmother's shoulders while she was cooking and finally picked up the wooden spoon herself. For the canning book she has the best canning recipes from three generations collected by the Petershofer family. Grandma, Mama and Sophie Petershofer have tested these recipes many times and refined them to perfection. Best of all: They don't just taste good, they are also for "Einmachlaien" from the beginning easy to imitate.

Canned at home: These recipes await you in the recipe book:

Part 1: Boil down and pickle vegetables

  1. Canned pickles with pearl onions & horseradish
  2. Canned cucumbers
  3. Canned beetroot salad with honey
  4. Homemade tomato sauce
  5. Pickled mushrooms with onions, garlic & herbs
  6. Pickled zucchini with apple cider vinegar
  7. Pickled peppers sweet and sour
  8. Pickled beans with apple cider vinegar & thyme
  9. Pickled Italian vegetables
  10. Pickled pumpkin with apple cider vinegar, apple juice & ginger
  11. Preserved lecho with bacon
  12. Canned potato salad
  13. Preserved red cabbage with tomatoes and marjoram
  14. Preserved apple sauerkraut


Part 2: Boil and pickle fruits

  1. Preserved applesauce with vanilla sugar
  2. Preserved strawberry and rhubarb compote
  3. Preserved pear compote
  4. Canned apricot roasters
  5. Pickled salt lemons with olive oil


Part 3: Recipes for making soups & stews

  1. Canned onion soup
  2. Canned beef soup
  3. Canned Chicken Soup
  4. Canned lentil soup with carrots
  5. Preserved chili con carne
  6. Preserved beef goulash


Eat healthy, live sustainably: Conscious enjoyment from the mason jar

Canning is more than just a pastime. It supports the trend towards health, sustainability and "do it yourself". The tradition of canning and pickling, which has actually almost been forgotten, leads us away from the throwaway society and towards conscious enjoyment. All you need are safe preserving recipes, a stove (which every household in Austria and Germany has) and the right preserving jars. We quickly realized that the selection of suitable large mason jars is very small. That’s why we’re in Windeko shop specialized in large glasses. These glasses are particularly practical for families or large groceries.

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• Number of pages: 34 pages
• Language: German
• Publisher: Windeko
• Author: Sophie Petershofer
• Genre: Cooking & Canning
• Content: 25 recipes incl. Tips