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Swing glasses 1.5 liters, set of 4

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 16,90 Tax included

Includes 20% Tax
Delivery Time: 2-7 days, immediately available

  • Filling quantity: 1.5 liters each (6 liters in total)
  • Material: Real glass (transparent), white sealing ring made of rubber
  • Glass shape: Round with a flat bottom
  • Dimensions: 21.5 cm high, max. 37 cm circumference
  • Opening diameter: 9 cm
  • Cover: Airtight metal clip fastener with rubber seal
  • Glass thickness: 3mm
  • suitable as: Storage jar , Jar

In stock

In stock

Set of 4 bow glasses with a capacity of 1.5 liters each

Swing glasses for canning, preserving & soaking ...

These 1.5 liter swing glasses come in a practical set of 4. This means that you are perfectly prepared if you want to cook down large quantities of fruit, vegetables, soups or stews.

The large glasses are big enough for several servings of preserves, such as compote or goulash - and therefore big enough for your whole family or to feed several guests.

... or as storage jars for dry food, sweets, etc.

You can also use these 4 jars as storage jars for dry food or sweets. Your advantage with the set of 4: The glasses look uniform on open shelves. When placed next to each other, even "boring" foods such as flour or nuts look good.

Our glasses are cheaper in a set of 4

Glass protects the environment and is healthier than plastic packaging because it does not contain any toxins such as BPA. Therefore, we would like to reward all those who boil down, put in or store supplies in a jar on a large scale: In a set of 4, each of our 1.5 liter swing glasses costs only 6.98 euros instead of 7.40 euros.

Additional information


Before you use your glasses for the first time, you should wash them in the dishwasher. If you plan to use the jars for canning or pickling, sterilize them in boiling water beforehand.


These glasses are not suitable for the microwave.

The glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please remove the rubber seal beforehand and do not wash it with it.

The glasses can be put in the oven. Caution: Frequent heating in the oven can make the rubber seal brittle.

You can freeze the jars. Do not fill it to the brim to do this. Caution: The rubber seal can become brittle through freezing.

The rubber seal should not be cleaned with detergent, otherwise it will become brittle and will no longer close properly.