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Zirbenquelle care set large


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 65,60  49,90 Tax included

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  • includes: Zirbenquelle marmot ointment 125 ml, Zirbenquelle propolis ointment 125 ml, Zirbenquelle bath salt 500 g, Zirbenquelle shower gel 250 ml
  • natural stone pine fragrance: with pure essential stone pine oil
  • Regeneration and care for the skin: supports the blood circulation and useful for the care of dry skin
  • new strength and energy: helpful to start the day relaxed and with new energy
  • Sleep quality: helps you sleep better
  • for body and mind: useful for calming the mind and body
  • Austrian products: made with Austrian raw materials

In stock

In stock

Zirbenquelle care set large contains the Zirbenquelle marmot ointment, the Zirbenquelle propolis ointment, the Zirbenquelle bath salt and the Zirbenquelle shower gel

From these Stone pine products our large care set is made up

For people who take special care of their skin, we recommend the large Zirbenquelle care set. It contains 4 different products that can be used for extensive body care.

This set includes the following Stone pine products :

The Marmot ointment is said to be helpful for tendon, muscle and joint problems

The one obtained from the marmot fat Marmot ointment should be used especially for sore muscles and injuries caused by sports activities. The ointment with the contained Stone pine oil is intended to help relieve pain in the tendons, muscles and joints. Likewise with inflammation the Marmot ointment be useful and apparently help the body to regenerate.

For more information on the Marmot ointment click here .

Take advantage of the Propolis ointment against dry skin and as paw protection for your pet

Shea butter and aloe vera are ideal moisturizers that are in ours Propolis ointment are included and are intended to care for dry as well as sensitive skin. In addition, it is claimed that the ointment can reduce inflammation as well as skin irritation. Allegedly, the immune system should also be strengthened and the natural protective barrier of the skin supported.

In dogs and cats it can Propolis ointment can also be used as paw protection and supposedly promote the healing process of abrasions or cracks on the paw.

The more detailed description of the Propolis ointment do you think ...? Find here .

After exercising, relax with a pleasant stone pine bath

The natural one Bath salts from the Atlantic Ocean should not only help you to relax physically and mentally, but at the same time cleanse your skin with the help of the peeling effect and make your skin feel soft. Even with colds and after exercise, a stone pine bath should support the regeneration of your body and provide you with new strength and energy.

For more information on the Stone pine bath salt click here .

The Stone pine shower gel should support the blood circulation and protect the natural protective barrier of the skin

The Zirbenquelle shower gel can help you to feel relaxed and harmonized and to pamper your senses. The stone pine oil is also said to be useful for calming breathing and heartbeat and supposedly leading to better and restful sleep. In addition, it is claimed that the natural protective barrier should be strengthened and blood circulation promoted during cleaning.

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