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Storage jars with clip locks

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Storage jars with swing top and large swing glasses from Windeko

A large storage jar with clip lock, or clip-on glass for short, is ideal for storing (dry) supplies in the kitchen. It is important for storage jars their sturdy glass and stable shape. This means that the glasses stay free from scratches for a long time and you don’t have to worry about broken glass.

Our storage jars are therefore made from glass that is at least 3 mm thick. They have a flat bottom and are therefore stable when filling without tipping over. Thanks to the secure metal closure, your supplies such as flour, muesli or coffee will last a long time and are safe from food moths. In addition, our storage jars look stylish – also in the glass cabinet or on the kitchen shelf.

For flour, coffee, sweets & Co: You can use large swing glasses for this

In our shop we offer bow glasses with a capacity of 1 liter and bow glasses with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

The storage jars with clip locks are therefore also suitable for large quantities of dry food (e.g. 1 kg of flour, oat flakes or coffee) or for storing supplies that require a lot of volume, such as sweets or walnuts.

Practical decanting, without any foils or paper bags that could break

Some foods, such as nuts, sunflower seeds, candies or muesli, are packed in thin plastic bags. These tend to tear open wide, their contents are spread over the whole kitchen drawer …

If, on the other hand, you pour your supplies into a clip-on glass immediately after opening, this cannot happen to you. Thanks to their handy size and shape, our storage jars with swing top are suitable for everyday use. You can easily lift and tilt the glasses with their contents.

Protect your food from moisture and food moths

The storage jars from Windeko can be sealed airtight thanks to the rubber seal. This will protect your supplies from high humidity. You may be familiar with the situation: sugar that sticks together into large chunks in the packaging; Flour that comes out of the packaging in balls, breakfast flakes from the already opened package that are no longer crispy …

These are signs that these foods have been stored in a damp place, or have been placed on a wet table or in a puddle on the work surface. With a storage jar made of glass, you can store your food and place it wherever you want: your food stays safe in the jar.

Even food moths don’t stand a chance thanks to the bow glasses.

Take your lunch with you to the office in a practical clip-on glass

The storage jars with swing top are a practical way to take food with you to work. Regardless of whether it’s a chopped salad, soup or a dish with a liquid sauce: nothing leaks out of our glasses and the food stays fresh and tasty. This means that your handbag and backpack and their contents remain safe.

Use temple glasses for stylish, creative and individual gifts

Simple and stylish at the same time: You can use the clip-on glasses to create stylish gifts very easily, such as a jar full of candy or mixed candy for a birthday present for a sweet friend or a jar full of money for a creative wedding present.

The best: After the contents are gone, the recipient has a nice glass to reuse.

You can also use storage jars with clip locks for pickling, canning and preserving

You can also use our jars as large preserving jars and store homemade jams, compotes, pickled cucumbers or tomatoes in them. You can find detailed instructions and great tips about canning in the book “Preserved at home”.

A storage jar with a swing top is sustainable, BPA-free and toxin-free

The glasses made especially for storing food are very robust and can usually be used over and over again for years. Should your storage glass break, you can dispose of it in the waste glass collection. The glass is recyclable and can be recycled into new glasses without any loss of quality. This makes glass very sustainable compared to plastic packaging.

In addition, the storage jars with clip locks do not contain any harmful substances. All swing glasses from Windeko are made of real glass and contain neither toxins (= poisonous substances) nor BPA. The glasses can therefore be used by allergy sufferers without any problems.