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Swing glass 1 liter

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Swing glass with 1 liter capacity from Windeko

There is enough space in the 1 liter clip-on jar for dry food or sweets, for pickled cucumbers or for homemade jam.

Swing glasses from Windeko impress with their robust glass and stable shape. This keeps the glasses looking like new for a long time, they can be reused over and over again and won’t fall over while you are filling them.

Our temples owe their durability to the 3 mm thick glass. This means that the glasses can withstand extreme heat (for example, boiling water when canning).

The sealing ring is white. Compared to red rubber rings, it appears simple and almost invisible. This not only makes the glasses practical, they also look good. On the open shelf or in the glass cabinet, your swing-top glass becomes an eye-catcher.

Thanks to the clip lock, your supplies such as flour, muesli or coffee will last a long time and are safe from food moths.

As a storage jar or mason jar: You can use your 1 liter clip-on jar for this

These clip-on glasses are the perfect size for storing a pack of flour, sugar or coffee, but this size is also ideal for candy, jam or compote.

Thanks to the airtight swing top, you can store your food moth-proof

Flour, oat flakes, muesli, nuts, … food moths like to nestle in these foods. Plastic and paper bags are no hurdle.
You can protect your food through the tight temples.

You can store your groceries neatly with a clip-on glass

Tucked away in the glass, neither sugar nor lentil fruit can leak into your drawer. In addition, the glasses can be neatly placed next to each other in drawers and shelves. You can quickly find the food you are looking for by labeling the jars. The closure is easy to open and close again.
If your storage jar gets stained (tomato splashes on your jar with salt, yoghurt on the cereal jar …) you can wipe it off quickly. In between, you can simply clean the glasses in the dishwasher.

Swing glasses and sealing ring are suitable for boiling down

You can also use our 1 liter jars as large preserving jars and store homemade jam, compote, pickled cucumbers or tomatoes in them.

The white sealing ring is vacuum-capable. This means that air can escape to the outside but does not get back into the glass. As a result, the temple glasses fulfill the most important property that is necessary for preserving or preserving.

You can find detailed instructions and great tips about canning in the book “Preserved at home”.

Take soup or salad in a swing glass with you

Are you looking for the right container to take salads, soups or sauces with you to the office? On the way there, your handbag or backpack should of course stay dry.

This is very easy with the airtight temple glasses. The rubber ring ensures that nothing leaks out. In addition, the food stays fresh and tasty.

Presents from the swing-top glass: give away homemade items in beautiful glasses

The 1 liter clip-on glass is stylish and practical. It is therefore also ideal for giving away homemade jams, compotes or pickled vegetables. For the next invitation, simply bring a glass full of sweets or delicious sole eggs with you.

Homemade muesli or dried herbs for seasoning or tea are also nice gifts for guests from the swing glass.

Clasp jar 1 liter: sustainable, BPA and toxins free

The glasses made especially for storing and canning food are very robust and can usually be used over and over again for years.

If your swing-top glass breaks at some point or you want to replace it with a new one, you can dispose of it in the waste glass collection. This will recycle it into new glasses.

All swing glasses from Windeko are made of real glass and therefore contain neither toxins (= poisonous substances) nor BPA. The glasses can therefore also be used by allergy sufferers without any problems.